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47 y/o man from Benson, Arizona, USA
Seeking a woman from 33 to 48 years old.
LIFESTYLE Drinking: Occasionally Smoking: Occasionally MY DISLIKES Activities I Avoid: Bad Company Bad Habits: Sleeping late (5 more minutes etc.) Foods I Hate: Lamb, veal and sushi Music That Drives Me Nuts: Opera My Biggest Fears: Time, and failure My Worst Job Ever: None Pet Peeves: None Things That Make Me Angry: Ignorant, evil, arrogant people Turn-Offs: Snoby Inconsiderate people Unforgivable Vices: Self centeredness, & greedy peeps World's Worst Evildoers: Darth Vader (Evil Empire) Worst Fashion Crime: Common (Rapper) and Dr. Suess • I like to play the following sports: Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Equestrian, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Hunting, Lacrosse, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling, Other. • I like to exercise: Occasionally. • My exercise regime consists of: Aerobics, Cycling, Swimming, Walking, Weight lifting, Other. • I like the following outdoor activities: Boating / Sailing, Camping, Canoing / Kayaking, Fishing / Hunting, Gardening, Going to the beach, Hiking / Backpacking, Horseback riding, Motocross / Dirt bike / Quad, Rock Climbing, Skiing / Snow-boarding, Snorkeling / Scuba diving, Surfing, Water skiing / Jet skiing, Other. • I consider myself artistic, and I like: Acting, Dancing, Musical instrument, Photography, Writing, Other. • I like to watch these sporting events: Auto racing / Motocross, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Hockey, Rodeo, Rugby, Tennis, Wrestling.

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