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52 y/o woman from West Compton, California, USA
Seeking a man from 41 to 57 years old.
I am a single mother [since 1994] of a very bright & talented 'Drama Queen' in high school. Her father ped away in 2002 so I am a widow by proxy. We are both vocalist so if you are musical that is a great plus! I did several musical in high school & college, I was a singer, dancer & actress. I love music, Theatre, dance, comedies, children & animals. I was born & raised Catholic at one time I was very devout but I am more relaxed now and I don't necessarily agree with all the doctrines. My daughter has always been in Catholic school and I am a member of the church choir and have been a cantor for many years. I'm not perfect but usually easy going, I can have a temper & potty mouth if provoked. I have/keep auburn hair & blue eyes and I am a Plus size girl, so if you are looking for an arm piece, then I'm probably not her! My friends think I'm funny & lots of fun to be around. I have a great sense of humor and so does my family, we are very close & joke all the time. I believe in honesty and get offended & angry when others lie, what is the point? I'm not outdoorsy much because I have severe allergies, but I love movies, Theatre, music and many other things. I love CW dancing & ballroom, but haven't been in awhile due to the smoke in those places, my sinus' go crazy! Once in awhile I venture out but mostly play it safe. I am looking for someone who is very honest, responsible, respectable, loving, kind-hearted, somewhat religious & family oriented with a great sense of humor, who wants to be a partner in life. PLEASE PASS ME BY IF YOU HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD OF ANY TYPE.

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